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IE6,IE7 Js设置margin无效,解决方法IE6 IE7 Js set margin donot work resolution

如果你遇到的问题跟我一样:IE6,IE7设置margin 调试发现margin有变化,但在这两个下面显示效果无变化。调试返回页面出现Source code is not available for this location。

这个经过多次测试,以及网络资料发现,在设置这个margin的元素上面增加一个样式zoom:1。发现IE6,IE7便可以运行正常。If you have this problem as mine: IE6,IE7 set margin but donot work. debug found that “Source code is not available for this location”.

I test it a lot and found that , add this css  “zoom:1;” to that   element , and It works.



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